"Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Confucius Xunzi, 3rd century BC

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Valentino Spataro: founder of IusOnDemand.com and LegalDesign.it and administrator of the Facebook Group.

Sociolegal model making 2 (https://vimeo.com/185491441) from Amanda Perry-Kessaris Analysis. She is professor of Law taking design-based approaches to econosociolegal topics + #legaltreasure / #legalobject hunting in curated spaces, Kent Law School

Andrii Udovychenko Turns out, there are actually many legal comics Here is a bunch of sites devoted to this kind of content - stus.com vai al link - qccartoon.com vai al link - lawcomic.net vai al link - lawcomics.tumblr.com vai al link

Aspasia Papaloi She updates her news feed on Twitter. This is her bio: "Doctoral Candidate,Uni Athens,Greece. Focus areas:Parliamentary Information Visualization (PIV) & legislative transparency - Qualified on eParliaments"

Bazzi Fatima News from Paris: Legal Design Assas is running the first legal design contest in France ever. The contest will be held among the law student community. Check it out (must understand French): https://www.facebook.com/legaldesignassas/?ref=bookmarks

Kasia Zdunek, Varsavia, Voivodato della Masovia, Polonia Dear All, thank you for running the group. Congrats! I'm a co-founder of Legal Design Polska. We run workshops for polish law firms in the field of #servicedesign #designthinking #lean #kanban #legalarchitecture If you are interested in our activity, please follow us on FB Legal Design Polska and Twitter

"Mon code juridique (www.mcj.fr) just announced their new website where they offer free access to 69 French codex (and a premium offering where you can annotate articles, etc., etc.). As far as ‪#‎legaldesign‬ is concerned, they assigned to each codex an abstract symbol, see here : vai al link - Miroslav Kurdov

"Everlaw has released a new tool for visualizing legal narratives " - Rc Richards

Arianna Rossi Check also these out: lawtoons.in vai al link and vai al link among the others

"... students often had to read large sections of the Louisiana Civil Code that dealt with whatever subject matter we would be discussing. I became frustrated with the interfaces ... So, I created a website whose interface allowed for displaying arbitrary article ranges; I even built in a term search. I am no longer actively maintaining the project, but it can stil be found at http://code.jjdoguet.com" - Joshua Doguet

"It means that for the first time in a long while, something new will be entering the business of law, exactly what has yet to be determined but the answers are out there for the best minds to sort out. Pump is primed. Now it is not the time to look back for guidance, it's time to expose inefficiencies, to respond to changing needs. It's time to act."

We could be the minds to sort it out! ‪#‎LegalDesign‬ is a way to respond to changing needs, isn't?" - Cristina Alvino

"... this one below is the typical case in which I cringe at the use of the word "infographic". It is also why (information) design is still misunderstood and often thought of as beautification without much substantial usefulness, efficiency and effectiveness." - Stefania Passera and Fair design jam

"Prof Harry Surden of Colorado Law has been carrying on some nice law viz projects, have a look" - Serena Manzoli

"This looks like an interesting project out of Northeastern. Thoughts? http://www.thelegalmedium.com/…/nulawlab-presentation-on-co… " - Karen Francis-McWhite