"Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Confucius Xunzi, 3rd century BC

2021-12-29 21:14:07+01:00 Burak Memiş on LinkedIn: GDPR Developer guide | 12 comments
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2021-08-18 08:05:58 Content Design London: homepage
estimated reading time: 2 min Content Design London We apply user-centred techniques to create interfaces, written content and publishing strategies that work.Founder Sarah Winters (was Richards) defined the term ‘content design’ in the early days of GOV.UK, where she led the awar
2021-07-26 16:26:48 Le abilità del giurista (legal skills)
estimated reading time: 5 min Corsi Universitari Le abilità del giurista (legal skills) By In 21 Febbraio 2021 Le abilità del giurista (Legal skills) Prof. Giovanni Pascuzzi Anno accademico 2020-2021 Syllabus del corso Imparare a distanza. Piccola guida per i miei studenti