"Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Confucius Xunzi, 3rd century BC

2023-11-29 3iap.com Unfair Comparisons: How Visualizing Social Inequality Can Make It Worse
25 min TLDR3iap’s peer-reviewed research was accepted to IEEE VIS 2022 Social cognitive biases can significantly impact dataviz interpretation Charts showing social outcome disparities can promote harmful stereotypes about the people being visualized Showing within-group outcome var
2023-10-20 Cnil.fr Commercial prospecting and rights of individuals: fine of 600,000 euros against GROUPE CANAL+ | CNIL
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2023-03-01 Linkedin.com Nicola Mascotto on LinkedIn: Web accessibility: How are WCAG atructured?
2 min Nicola Mascottofreelance Web Designer • WordPress Front-End Developer • Graphic Designer • I design digital projects with UX in min d1d Rubrica Web Design + Accessibilità (ogni martedì) #49 - Come sono strutturate le WCAG? Usa #MartedìAcc
2022-11-29 Civile.it FSFE.org e democrazia digitale: libertà d'uso del software
1 min II Copernicani promuovono in Italia la campagna dedicata alla libertà di scelta e uso del software.La campagna parte da FSFE.org, ma è un tema che gli esperti di informatica vedono come uno estremo rischio di deriva democratica.Non essere liberi di scegliere il proprio softwar
2022-11-25 Medium.com I’m a Visual Designer whose sight is not perfect anymore
5 min Federica FragapaneDec 13, 2018·5 min readHow almost losing the sight in my left eye had an impact on my design approach.In May I had the beautiful opportunity to give a talk at OpenVis 2018, where I shared my thoughts on data visualization and I talked about my personal approa