"Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Confucius Xunzi, 3rd century BC

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estimated reading time: 56 min For your convenience, we have provided a translation of this page below. This translation is for informational purposes only, and the definitive version of this page is the English version.Last updated: February 3, 2022This Privacy Policy includes importan
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estimated reading time: < 1 min This page is dedicated to documentation that is meant to give a short introduction to LEOS, Open Source Software created by LegIT  - 2016.38 legislation Interoperability Tools ISA2 Action.For a quick overview of the pr
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estimated reading time: 43 min 1 Margherita Ramajoli A PROPOSITO DI CODIFICAZIONE E MODERNIZZAZIONE DEL DIRITTO AMMINISTRATIVO I n Rivista Trimestrale di Diritto Pubblico, fasc.2, 2016 S ommario: 1. La codificazione come ricerca di razionalità e la speci ali
2021-11-25 08:18:33+01:00 The Supreme Court Goes Graphical Slaw
estimated reading time: 8 min November 21 st 2021Comment Share Email Twitter Google+ Facebook LinkedIn Posted in: Substantive Law: Judicial Decisions The Supreme Court Goes Graphical by More posts by Omar » The Supreme Court of Canada plays a special role in our constitution