"Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Confucius Xunzi, 3rd century BC

2023-05-30 Aclaradesign.nl From you to user Aclara Legal Design
< 1 min What is legal design?Legal design is a user-centred, creative, problem-solving methodology and min dset aiming to improve legal products, services and systems. It combines legal expertise, information design and design thinking. That means it’s collaborative by nature and
2023-05-08 Usableprivacy.org Usable Privacy Policy Project
16 min 2023 Shikun Zhang, Norman Sadeh, "Do Privacy Labels Answer Users' Privacy Questions?", Workshop on Usable Security and Privacy (USEC 2023), Feb 2023 [pdf] 2022 Shikun Zhang, Yuanyuan Feng, Yaxing Yao, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Norman Sadeh, "How Usable Are iOS Privacy Labels?", Pri
2023-05-01 Linkedin.com Aku Nikkola on LinkedIn: #legaldesign #legaltechnology #lawyers | 136 comments
1 min Aku NikkolaPartner at Dot. | Co-Founder of Legal Design School5d Why are legal documents still A4 sized? Have you ever wondered why legal documents continue to be A4 or U.S. Legal-sized when most of them are now viewed on screens? The fact is, these sizes were never intended for
2022-03-13 Sciencedirect.com Poor writing, not specialized concepts, drives processing difficulty in legal language
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2022-01-08 Air.unimi.it Microsoft Word document 2020 03 24T173421.247.doc
43 min 1 Margherita Ramajoli A PROPOSITO DI CODIFICAZIONE E MODERNIZZAZIONE DEL DIRITTO AMMINISTRATIVO I n Rivista Trimestrale di Diritto Pubblico, fasc.2, 2016 S ommario: 1. La codificazione come ricerca di razionalità e la speci alità del diritto am
2021-11-25 Slaw.ca The Supreme Court Goes Graphical Slaw
8 min November 21 st 2021Comment Share Email Twitter Google+ Facebook LinkedIn Posted in: Substantive Law: Judicial Decisions The Supreme Court Goes Graphical by More posts by Omar » The Supreme Court of Canada plays a special role in our constitutional democracy, but it
2021-08-16 It.abcdef.wiki Relational contract Wikipedia contratti relazionali
5 min Un contratto relazionale è un contratto il cui effetto si basa su un rapporto di fiducia tra le parti a cui appartiene. I termini espliciti del contratto sono solo uno schema in quanto vi sono termini e intese impliciti che determinano il comportamento delle parti.La teoria del